MOODBOARD is a cinematic fullscreen microsite for the studio of filmmaker Konstantinos Sampanis. 

MOODBOARD is a high level studio for aesthetic motion picture. Specialized in the fictional and manufacturing world, they create films as hand crafted cinematic experiences.

.01 The front page features the 4 latest projects with a fullscreen video showreel. 

.02 The idea for the logo is based on Escher’s famous perspective constructions. To enhance this idea to the digital space, the logo rotates by 360 degrees during loading sequences. By randomly moving the keypoints on the z-axis, the logo is generated differently each time.


.03 Each project is presented in an extensive case study. The layout is minimalistic to put focus on the content, the design in general is heavily inspired by print aesthetics.


.04 Multiple slides deal with different key aspects of the project. Every page features a video snippet – sometimes with an interactive approach.


.05 Simple but elegant infographics illustrate the core skills and services of MOODBOARD.


.06 The adaptive mobile design is a stripped-down version and only presents the most important content.


Agency – Dunckelfeld
Creative Direction – Oliver Ecker
Art Direction Branding – Ben Tauber

UX & UI Design – Oliver Ecker
Development – Tom Kirchhartz, Matthias Kurte, Tatjana Bunaeva