SURPRICE HOTELS is a blind booking hotel portal with the guarantee to have the cheapest prices on the market.

Countless hotel rooms are empty each night, which the hotels cannot sell for the regular rates. To fully use these capacities, these rooms are offered to HRS for the absolute lowest price – a price so low it would damage the image of the hotel if its name was made public. This is why the name will stay a secret until after the booking.

.01 Large HD Images are setting the mood for a unique booking experience.


.02 Since the hotel name is unknown till the end, the location is the key factor for choosing the perfect stay.


.03 The hotel location is not fully revealed, but narrowed down to a small area. Heatmaps for different topics (Shopping, Sightseeing, Wining & Dining etc.) can be enabled to get a better feeling for the possibilities in this district. 


.04 The detailpage covers everything important: Indoor Imagery, various ratings, a price comparison tool and further in-depth information create trust and should convince the user to pick this hotel.


.05 The checkout process is easy to use and heavily conversion optimized. 


.06 Your #1 booking tool to go.

Agency – demodern
Creative Direction – Kristian Kerkhoff

UX & UI Design – Oliver Ecker, Robin Gurski